Sunday, March 24, 2013

3D TV - The Future of Sports Broadcasting

 The transmission of sporting events in 3D.


The broadcasting of sporting events in 3D: Late last year, BSkyB will be objective, a large part of the future of the sport program.

The system, it is necessary to use the regular Sky + for decoding two different images to produce a three-dimensional effect. Users then simply look at the screen a couple of 3D glasses.

Sky already have the technology for live sports events, including a victory over Ricky Hatton and Juan Lazcano Champions League encounter with Liverpool at Anfield in Marseille, tested in November last year.

3D technology made in Hollywood, with a number of movies that take and released in 3D. Many predicted that 3D HD TV is the next logical step in the development of broadcasting.

Despite the ability to use current satellite receiver, users are forced to upgrade their televisions. However, the manufacturer believes the new 3D TVs will not cost more than a normal HD-ready plasma set.

3D TV, BSkyB, which is used to display the headquarters in Osterley, London, is currently sold in more than 2,000 pounds, but experts predict that the price of this technology will be significantly reduced, especially if it proves popular that.

British broadcaster who described the "Sky + 3D", as a "vision", the company will continue to use a system, with Sky to fix or upgrade their cameras to build 3D live events .

"Does our view that it is only one step in our plan to change the Sky + HD and now 3D is the way we can see things are going in the future," said the head of design for BSkyB and products changes, Brian Lenz.

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