Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Sheer Thrill of Sport

It has been a long time since I felt the adrenaline rush I made last night. In our city, playing basketball championship team playoff calculations with 1.3 seconds on the clock at one point to take a fight.

This is not a competition to be called time out and go to court half. I must go.

Ball is thrown at me and a friend walked by carrying the ball from half court and sank the winning shot. I cried. One of my teammates pitch and attacked the mother hugged me. Everyone at the gym has come to an end.

In addition to other groups.

I was eager to sport at the university. Being a fan is great, but no matter how much you try to be yourself, you are part of the team.

We sweat for 40 minutes. We played all our lives. Indescribable thrill all culminating winning shot.

I slept for three hours last night.

This is something we want next March. Hundreds of youths throwing each other in the arena.

Will fight for the title, only one team to claim.

We are fighting for a place on the mantle of immortality that few get to enjoy the whole story.

On this day, the "one and vibrate," just have a chance to sit on top of the perch college basketball.

Is game-winning shot. It is frustrating. Is broken heart and thrilling finish.

Sense of competition and confrontation is likely to achieve your goals with his brothers-in-arms, ultimately satisfying.

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