Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fitness For Sports And Athletes

Keeping fit is all about staying healthy, let off free from any disease or illness and can not earn their daily lives. Sports athletes in all areas prone to injury, may temporarily weaken the physical aspect, but it can cause irreparable damage to a career in sports as an athlete.

Travel, different types of food in different areas, and climate change is affecting their overall health as well. Of course, these days all sports athletes highly recommended diet and exercise regime to maintain a competitive match.
Athletic and professional as a result of short-term gain of 5 to a maximum of 15 years in rare cases. Thus, they tend to be cautious in matters and to keep in good physical condition.
Recommended diet varies vary from person to person and the type of activity to another. But usually a diet high in carbohydrates, where he graduated as the most suitable for the athletes a large amount of liquid. Depending on the weight of the body as well.

For a person weighing 60 kg, 360 to 600 grams of carbohydrates is important. Fluid requirements are making 400-600 2 hours before the event and 150-350 ml of plants. Minerals, vitamins and fiber is determined in accordance with the advice of a doctor or nutritionist. Protein is essential for building muscle, but carbohydrates and fluids are the most important aspects of nutrition, sports people.
Many beverage cereal, fruit should bear. The non-vegetarian food like beef is an excellent source of protein and vitamins, but the high fat content. Fish and chicken are high in protein. An average of 12 to 14 g recommended every 30 kg of body weight. Lean meat, fish, poultry and low-fat milk is part of the diet.
To do regular exercise, according to the regime to keep fit. The goal is to provide strength, durability and flexibility. Arm circles, trunk twists, turns away, the core and advanced push-ups, squat jumps, sitting, walking, running, etc.. Be done under the supervision and watchful eye of a trainer.
Covering damage from muscle spasms in frustration, depending on the sport. Some may require hospitalization as well. Athletes or athletes who live a disciplined life with proper diet and exercise can not be hoping for a long time in this area.

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