Sunday, March 31, 2013

On-Demand and Live Streaming Video On The Internet

Video streaming on the Internet, in fact, the work that happens in the past ten years. But with the recent updates in technology and broadband services are available worldwide, only in recent years as a top trend on the Internet. It is easy to learn and apply to all.

The companies and organizations, large and small, using streaming video for communication, education, information, training, promotion and sale of goods and services over the internet. One of the major decisions of the organization or company must do what is the most important use of online video is for them.
This decision is usually the determining factor in whether or not the information is available upon request or alive.
What is an on-demand stream?
Many television stations live from coming in. .... but this is currently not the case, you see. Is displayed and recorded live at a later date. It is called "modeling of life." If you're watching American Idol on TV, said it is a living, where they are today, but in fact recorded months.
On-Demand means that users will click on the link to the video and actually see on the website, either directly or gradually, as the media player to play them on your computer. The event, to see the video that actually happened at the time and not necessarily in the day view, when making the request.
What is live streaming;Live streaming when it actually happens once you see it. Live stream fed happen to the audience in a matter of seconds. Many sports games now "live" on the Internet. Come this time.Event was broadcast live from one part of the world to another with high quality appearance. Our company has a stream of live sports events in Germany and the audience can see them in Canada, Europe and the United States. This happened to live at the time and the audience so when it happened.Live training company from home office country other countries - live and on-demand. Universities and colleges have courses in distance learning with live interaction between students and teachers from one part of the world to another. Live streaming is used in many ways, the events around the world. If the new pope was introduced, one of the biggest events in the world streaming on the Internet.Cost can be a deciding factorMany live events are an experienced and professional staff encoding (compression and decompression to send large files) before being via the Internet. Content Delivery Network (CDN) can be expensive if you make a good on-demand or broadcast late. Small rivers upload your website to your hosting. Or you do not have DRM (Digital Rights Management) is another factor to consider. So there are many factors to streaming on-demand and live video involved.

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