Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ether and college sports leagues and city


Live Sports Broadcasting for High Schools and City Leagues

If your school or booster club could use the extra money for your team or league, you can easily use the amazing technology and works on most devices the Internet to expand their team online presence. This is what Facebook page or Twitter account to make the statistics of the game, or expand a video after the game, but a new type, the following command, and more money while.
I attended a meeting of steering the club recently and I was amazed at how much financial support is shocked typical customers money on schools and their equipment. From commercial lawn mower Booster Club scoreboard is true backbone of the support structure of each group. This is a club that raised over $ 15,000.00 for the three months to help the football stadium and the general maintenance of the stadium.
Their support without which the common school finance. Can not charge enough concession stand and ticket sales for a typical event. Getting support team will continue to challenge never fade. Only the lighting for night games are expensive.
Okay, you're wondering where I'm going to this? This is something that can solve the current problems, but we have to get to win an idea that the school has helped, and to maintain a stream of income without the volunteers who work all the time when many time and effort. Bake sales, auctions, and free plate take all the profits, but many times the net achieve is small, so you should have other things to raise money. Average saving grace wealthy sponsor for most programs.
An easy way to find ideas to raise more money for your money. Find two volunteers who loves the game. This microphone, headphone and a laptop computer with internet access. Call you live the game on the line. Who can listen to free internet on any device. You can subscribe to see a local business for a long time with a simple form. Charging $ 500.00 for the season to advertise on your channel, and you keep all the advertising dollars. Cost for the games only $ 20.00 and for the iPhone, Android phones, iPad and other devices to the Internet to listen live from anywhere in the developed world. It is great for the alumni, grandparents, extended family, and used most of the soldiers with children playing.

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