Friday, April 12, 2013

A Brief History of Sports Medicine

The idea of ​​sports medicine is actually a completely new concept. Only in recent decades, the practice has received enough attention.  

An interesting careers for physicians, by definition, sports medicine prevention of injury and illness in a particular case, if you participate in sports or exercise. Physicians who specialize in sports medicine will focus on improving physical fitness and overall health of the majority of people with exercise and a healthy diet. It was not so long ago that exercise has the sole purpose of implementing a ridiculous idea. 

Not more than 100 years, people will often work themselves almost to death. The Scratching life needs both exercise never happen for most people the idea to use for sport or fitness. In fact, even viewed in some quarters. This does not mean that people do not realize the importance of exercise and physical activity for thousands of years. Back in 2500 BC, the Chinese were actively trying to prevent disease and prolong their lives through exercise. 

The Greeks celebrated athletes and Herodicus sometimes mentioned as the first known doctor of sports medicine. Hippocrates spent a lot of time in the treatment of injuries to athletes and support for dressage. During the Roman Empire, the Greek physician Galen was actually appointed physician to the gladiators. He was responsible for some of the groundbreaking findings in the field of sports medicine. He noted that, in a way that the muscles and arteries and lungs worked together contract to supply oxygen to the tissues. 

Like most scientific efforts, sports medicine all but disappeared in the dark ages. In 1600, doctors began to consider what to focus a form of sports medicine. Over the following centuries, the doctors began to pay more attention to the benefits payable on exercise provides the human body. In the 20th century the sports medicine specialty really began to take off. Nobel Prize in Physiology AV Hill refine by some as the first in the exercise physiologist. As Americans found themselves with more free time and disposable income, and professional sports injuries. Them a need for doctors

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