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Extreme sports

For the 30 million student athletes in America, sports can be a great opportunity for students to build relationships to stay in shape and learn valuable skills to work as a team. But high school sports are not always fun and games. 

Parental expectations scholarships pressure and highly competitive environment, some student-athletes may begin to crumble under pressure.
How much should go to throw the ball in the basket, hitting a home run or walk fast?
In many ways, having a sports center gymnasium in a high-stakes game, student athletes underdeveloped large amounts of pressure. Could begin soon League coach with an overzealous father and dreaming big league easily inspire kids, but not everything should be done. The student-athletes do not want to disappoint their parents, their teammates, their school or sports high profile, their city.
These pressures come at a time when trust is "student" self-understanding and initiating. Children and young people who want to be up to the possibilities they see their parents. Would reduce the suffering caused by instruction. Earn an athletic scholarship to fulfill two goals.
Society Sport Manual, receiving only 1 in 50 high school athletes athletic scholarships. You think that the pressure of working in conjunction with schools, other social activities and life is too much to handle for a teenager. The desire to win, to be the best size can inspire children and adults, but the winner takes all mentality may also not realistic expectations. Is this the kind of thinking that could undermine the enjoyment of the sport. Rather than pressure Packed games, you should not use, high school sports, to promote balanced young adult?
Natural hazards
For sports with high skills to success in school these days, students are encouraged to participate in sports and play on club teams throughout the year.
When athletes playing sports on a daily basis throughout the year to put at risk the failure of the joints, muscles or destruction of stress caused by repeated continuous tears. Despite the risks, the bus to warn students about the place of registration of the risks and universities do not expect to play some sports.
A recent study shows an alarming increase in repetitive stress injuries. The study recorded the number of "Tommy John" surgery procedures should be made to the launcher to repair damaged ligaments of the elbow, and supplemented by the Institute of Medicine, American Sports, Andrews Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre in Birmingham , Alabama.
Co-author of the study and director of research at E. "Before 1997, it was Tommy John works only in 12 of 97 patients (12%) aged 18 years or more to be" Lyle Cain, MD said.
"In 2005 alone, 62 of the 188 companies in the high school athlete, a third of the surgical team,'' said Cain." The fact is that the operation was successful and well. But a disturbing trend of young children requiring surgery is a concern. "
Ironically, this could help athletes to play multiple sports in the best physical condition is the development of many muscle groups and avoid burning for their sport.
Detavius ​​Mason explains in his article for Guilford Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center, titled "The Age of Specialization: One Sport compared to many sports .."
"Kobe Bryant, Roger Federer, Tom Brady, LeBron James, Alex Rodriguez," Mason wrote. "If the name brought a few things come to mind. Becoming perfect, the transcendent talent, but won their thinking specialize in a sport should not Kobe and Federer are the players, Brady played baseball , played football and LeBron-Rod play basketball, soccer and football. "
Ends with tips for parents and coaches, "Then, let your child take part in various sports activities ... Participate in various sports activities, you can also see if you are good at Another sport less stress on the body, plus sport in general to gain more friends and social interaction, and there is less pressure to be perfect. "
In extreme cases, some sports can be intimidating the general health of the athlete. Students trying to make weight for the fight, stay slim for dance or bulk for football, sport can lead to dangerous eating habits and exercise.
People outside
High school sports, you can also use the "crowd" mentality that those who do not exclude the cut.
Let's face it, not all kids are sporting superstar. This means do not you love the game and want to be part of the team? Does this mean that you will lose the social and physical benefits of organized sports? Although some children participate as directors or fans, well organized leisure activities are few and far between.
These exemptions also apply upon the overall level of qualification. With a sports team not officially required, many groups of high school is to make students from poor families at a disadvantage because they can not pay their membership fees and travel expenses, require club teams. When I was a club coach players prefer to play for many years with the unknown, and try to see practiced in the playground.
John Cochran, a relative of Newton, Mass., said all students should have the opportunity to play sports in high school, regardless of skill level.
"Studies have shown that students who participate in higher grade point average high school sports, fewer discipline problems and higher self-esteem," Cochran wrote in its editorial sorts Local Newton .
"The elimination of all but the best players, only a small portion of students is always that [received from the government] more resources." Writing them. "Where the dominant philosophy to its logical conclusion, the public schools must offer fewer educational opportunities for students who do not. At the top of its class"
My goal is not to ban the robust capabilities of high school, but also for the sport to its original purpose: pleasure. If we can change the overall attitude towards sports - let the kids play a lot of sports, focusing on the holidays, but not cut-throat competition and fair working conditions for all potential athletes - after school
can really get out and to play.

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