Monday, April 1, 2013

Decorating a Sports-Themed Living Room

As an avid sports fan and your life revolves around your favorite teams and athletes you. Decorate your living room needs to show his team spirit and your faith.

 It can be fun and provide a great way for to protect you, your family and your guests. Life Fitness decoration in your favorite college or professional sports team or favorite a general sports theme, where you can sit, relax and enjoy the game at all and shows you, team spirit and loyalty.
First you need to choose wall decor, paint or wallpaper. Choose a base color first. This color is the atmosphere around the room. If your decorating scheme based on your favorite sports team, the team colors is an ideal choice. If your theme is a favorite sport or sports you will all bold and bright colors for the background enough for sports-themed room. You can use the main color with a lighter or more light or less fat / bright colors and wallpaper mark borders.
Now add to this wall decor sports memorabilia. They sticker framed photos and T-shirts, posters, banners, clocks, mirrors, wall. You can be from any of your favorite team or your favorite sport. You can paint the walls with your favorite sport, your basketball, baseball or football. You can also try to find the clock or the mirror. Each wall may focus on a variety of topics. Including souvenirs or shelf where you have the trophy as hats, baseball bats, helmets and other sports collectibles could be regarded itself.
Decorate doing your next carpet. Select a sports-theme in mind. Get the carpet in your favorite team colors or just use a bright / bold color carpet sports center team. For a sporty look, you can see like a carpet of green grass, or you can use wood floor to give the appearance and basketball court.
For the decoration of furniture, choose pieces that complement your theme sports. Add bean bag and a comfortable sports-themed bedding and pillows. Comfortable couches, sofas and chairs can the sporty end of the table and can be used for storing food and drinks and your guests. Most importantly, add a large flat-screen TV, a 42 "or more, ensure the main wall in the living room and all the furniture has a clear vision for television.
And do not forget the lighting. Other topics fans and tables, floor and wall lights. Select the module with the colors of your favorite teams and logos and the dominant theme of sport decorated in mind. These lamps provide light allows you to see your team or sports spirit and loyalty.
If you have a free place, you can add a sports bar with a sports-themed chair on one side or corner. Less than a flat screen TV mounted on the wall above the bar The result - a quiet place for you, your family and your guests.

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