Thursday, April 11, 2013

The High School Sports Tragedy

As we have completed high academic goals and complete our studies and move to start their own small for our family, 

We always want the first born to be a "child." It gives us parents to live now, since the value and life of our son. Some of us even our children in the sport, do not send to ask what they want to do. For most, it is to raise our children think they can play football and have a boy to be a man. These are just some of them I know they think the sport can destroy follow, since it is due to the disease, they learn to unload and go out and give him a Hoe is Ole increased . 

Often, children who are in school are the ones that people can choose. It is well known for "hooligans". This is because the coach and the father drilling is different and stronger and more dynamic than ordinary children. We must teach them to be harassed, it just seems that way. This attention and the only way out of this rough and tough, both on and off the field, you can search.Now, on the other hand we have children who excel at sport, of course, and it seems that they are born to play sports. All we do is just come to them like that. With all the features you were born is a professional player is a great school for children, which is known and respected as the famous public.Several years passed and the age at which children can be good in some other sports, a large scholarship to a collegial approach to the unthinkable happen Go My baby is not interested in the sport and want more tracks due they are not interested in the game. 

WHAT! After all these years of teaching and coaching in it, everything is done as a parent will be able to know where he received honor and glory dreamed in high school, it's just going to fly Where did it wrong? What happened?What happens, burnout, and it happens to many children who would like a little boy more or less forced to encourage sports activities without doing anything else. Accessories for the issue but nothing. You can compare it with your work, you worked in the same job for years and just burned periodically. It's the same with children who never had a child out of the sport. 

The best thing I can tell you that if you have a first son, the guests of the miracle. Cherish every moment you have with him / her to go quickly because they refuse thinking you where is the time? This overbearing for your children, one way or another life that really matter go away, but let them grow up and enjoy life that God has given them, and most of the time they can choose their place in life. Now this is something you can be proud!

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