Friday, April 12, 2013

The Shame of College Sports

College sports great American institution, celebrated in prose and song, where the young and rich land of legendary athletes, to bring joy and honor to the ivy-covered halls of higher education. But the reality of college sports is not so romantic.

Consider player. After the student athletes, many of them athletes today often do not see the class. With quality programs, such as military academies and schools of the Prime Minister, as Stanford, Duke, Notre Dame and Wake Forest, with a high rating. There are great people and a strong Myron security role for the University of Florida and a Rhodes Scholar. And studies show that the development of a young athlete now than in the general population.
But these statistics hide the snake in the grass. Included in the overall statistics of minors where graduation rates are high sports. Also added to the mix of Ivy League schools and other educational institutions that do not offer athletic scholarships.
If only the main sports school sports big picture is not so good.
Graduation rates for football and basketball players tend to be lower and dark in some cases. Basketball team graduation rate of Connecticut men 25%. Part of the whole school a little better. Alabama graduates 44% of athletes, Minnesota 44%, agriculture 41%, 40% Arizona, Texas and 39%.
The question is from: why education authorities tolerate. The answer is of course money. In 2009, the football program at Penn State has posted a profit of $ 70 million of product revenue and $ 568,235 for a football scholarship athlete, after consideration of price, nutrition and 50,000,000 "study". Pac-10 television contract has 12 years worth $ 3,000,000,000. This money monsoon created a causal link morality.
Good publized current scandal led to the firing of coach and manager in several sports programs of the most prominent colleges. Alas no action was taken until the media exposure or criminal prosecution did not reveal the dirty details.
Fortunately, this scandal, a bitter condemnation of college sports morality are rare. What is not rare is the professionalism of amateur sport. College basketball recruit cynical blue ribbon is not self class. Just play college obligatory years before entering the NBA.
Best players will not be in the NFL draft for three years after graduating from high school, which is beneficial for both the NFL and high school. NFL gets three years of teaching minor league players for college and earn free money to players without pay. College athletics free or subsidized education for many athletes use to build a successful career is to begin.
But consider the 32 athletes selected in the first round of 2011 NFL Draft. Only 12 of them had at least four years of college (including year in school.) Low athletes in sports live in the general population. In the major sports leagues, live in the dormitory. Take courses in the discipline of building a career in the majors, taking courses to keep the little sports continuity. As a young coaching staff has little influence on academic decision. At the top of the league will need to break the academic roots.
The top college sports are played mercenary career best start of school is not chosen for scientific purposes. Coach at the end of words, but no coach in the history of the main program never drawn lower graduation rates. It is a cynical exercise.

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