Friday, April 12, 2013

The state of your body for the sport - sport specific fitness

If you are involved in sports, you know the importance of staying fit and train your muscles to succeed and your body in the best shape. 

No matter what sport you participate or not depending on the strength or endurance, you can benefit from strength training. Develop the abdominal muscles and lower back can benefit their practice and their daily lives.
There are four main components of weight and strength.
Establish a regular routine where you can participate in one of the active ingredients work throughout the body.Muscle, if you work to become stronger.Muscle hypertrophy working to build big muscles.Muscle strength in trying to get the speed and explosiveness getting stronger.Local muscular endurance when you work as much as possible as you become stronger.
Before you start, you should consider the performance of the major muscle groups. These muscles are used to help things like side steps, i, i, Sprint, running or deployment. String muscle can be used to help this movement is called chain front and rear. These include the lower back, glutes, hip flexors, quadriceps muscle and the front of the thigh muscles of the stomach and back muscles.
The best type of training to build muscles are squats and deadlifts, the main lifts, with some modifications and extensions for each group. If you are looking to build muscles of the shoulder, arm and back, you can imagine put in a swimming program.
If you are looking to build strength, is one of the most important things to look above the speed training or exercise session you choose. Power football, swing batter in baseball, or even a golf swing or stroke needs bowler cricket.
You need to consider aspects of injury prevention, strength training beyond your sport you. Although the method does not help to increase the overall efficiency of major sports guarantee that it will be strong and resistant to damage by game enthusiasts.
If you participate in endurance sports such as running, swimming or cycling, will ensure that the common muscles, back and thighs, shoulder rotator muscles prepared and quadriceps flexibility and lean, it can do the best for maximum functional. The sports rely more on skills that do not require the creation and maintenance of primary energy, but also the durability aspects of strength training.
If you begin to create a program of sport-specific training to lose weight, you should keep in mind that the muscles you use every time you play. Some muscles need more energy than others, and you can focus on strength and endurance for others. Training should choose to have a relationship with your sport. Should be done at the same rate you want to use in the sport. And should be able to simulate the time required to perform the action.
For example, if you are in a triathlon, you have twenty minutes pool, 20 minutes by bike to twenty minutes of operation. You would be safe to swim, you do exercises that will help you improve your speed limits and movements, such as stroke and butterfly breaststroke is generally to obtain the most successful and fast the shots when the competition will do . So you want to make sure that practiced exercises to help you improve your speed and keep your heart rate and overall endurance levels for cycling. You can choose to display the time, and no matter how fast you can go 20 miles, or you can use any open space, find the famous hills and valleys, so that you can work the leg muscles away from the power and strength to get needed. Just like running, you can select the city you live in shopping, go to the hill and up the stairs, or you can choose just one of the new treadmills want to go to simulate the evolution of the hill and allow different speeds work to control the heart rhythm.

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