Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why I Must Love Sports

I like sports because I am a man. It's the law.  

I see no better way to spend a sunny day in the room, like grown men slap each other around, hit, hunt, throw a sort of ball and hit the other blue imagine. The best part is that they do. Large amounts of money to make
And throw in some steroid scandal and family and you have the makings of a drama, mortals can not understand how drooling over our lives in some scuzzy comfortable sofa. Another beer please.
Another good news is that it is a sporting event on television than ever before. We already have many sports channels and the endless dream "big game this year." Besides being on the internet is the best waste of time ever invented, not to mention you can easily watch your favorite team 24/7 from your computer or iPhone. Oh, yes!
I feel like watching sport. I had the best Monday morning quarterback ever seen. And I think that I consider my daily exercise in spectator sport only obtrusive. It makes my blood boil. It allows me to have life! It gives me the membership of the biggest, baddest any human fraternity brothers.
Well, I'm all about football, while the Pro version, of course, the second position. And why not follow basketball and baseball, just to pass the time until the next football season? Also provides endless topics for discussion if it can not be all.
And it is the greatest sport ever invented an excuse to drink. Does getting drunk as well, perhaps even should do something in your ass. Because in the end, I darnit quality sports programming, and it's almost a right of passage to the point of consumption even remember the game. But you can make sure that you probably have a good time. Well, to be honest, I do not drink anymore. I decided that enough time to still enjoy most sports in my life have life, then why not cut more than what I do Oh, and then there are women liberation J 'admit it is worth it to not mention the bottle on the table for very impressionable young children grown.
In short, old habits die hard, and old dogs can not learn new tricks, so I have great artists and my destiny watch sports. And so they have, I'm watchin "him", and loves every minute of it!

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